•  Do You Find Yourself Repeating the Same Relationship Patterns?

•  Do You Want a Peaceful, Loving, Compatible Relationship But Can't Seem to Create It?

•  Do You Feel There's Something Holding You Back From Having the Love You Want,

    But You Don't Know What It Is?

It's Time to FACE YOUR SHADOW, Release It,
and Start Living from the most
Magnetic and Powerful Side of Yourself
that KNOWS how to quickly and effortlessly create True Love!

Most of us live from our Survival Self - you know the one - the side of you that is constantly on the lookout for what is wrong - or what can go wrong. The one that is filled with doubt and worry, fear and insecurity, even mistrust and blame.


It's not your fault - it's the biological wiring of your brain. And your parents lovingly reinforced that program in you, acting from their own Survival side. They fretted and worried about you, taught you fear, filled you with doubt, and hoped for the best when they sent you out into the world - often with very little guidance for how to create a loving partnership, let alone Emotional Intelligence or Intimacy skills.

And we don't want to get rid of these Survival mechanisms - our defenses, our warning signals, our fight / flight or freeze reactions - they all serve us to navigate a world that is potentially dangerous. bffdjdjj

But this side of us is a great servant and a lousy master. This is not the side of us that knows how to connect lovingly with others, or how to create genuine intimacy, or how to surrender and be vulnerable with a safe partner.

And then there is our own PERSONAL emotional makeup! Throughout our childhood, we went through specific experiences unique to us that convinced us that certain situations and emotions were too intense to feel, so we shut those emotions down.

And they are there - stored in our nervous system, in the neural pathways of our brain, out of reach of our conscious mind. As Carl Jung puts it, they are stored in our Shadow or blind spot. We don't even know they're there. And they limit us from being able to create the results we seek in our lives.

But every now and then something will trigger these emotions, and out comes a cascade of survival mechanisms ranging from rage to cold-shoulder silence. If we knew how to process those emotional triggers, we can learn how to create the life we dream of! But most of us were not taught these emotional skills. Put the Shadow together with our Survival Self, and it's no wonder so many of us have a tough time creating loving partnerships that last.


Did you know that according to the latest research ...

  • The #1 Predictor of Success - Personal or Professional - is your emotional skill level
  • 70% of us do not handle conflict or stress effectively
  • Only 36% of us understand emotions as they happen
  • The latest brain science shows emotional and intimacy skills CAN BE LEARNED!
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Hi, I'm Nijole (Neola) Sparkis, and I'm a Certified Life Coach with a background as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Agape International Spiritual Center (founded by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith) and the Centers for Spiritual Living.

I used to be right where you are now. I came from an abusive background, and had no healthy role models for Real Love. So I kept repeating my same dysfunctional relationship pattern over and over, and kept attracting all the wrong partners. I even married and divorced one of them.

That's when I decided to spend quite a few years dating, studying, researching, learning emotional and intimacy and communication skills, and getting to know myself better. I discovered the spiritual principles that miraculously turned my life around and helped me attract my soulmate, to whom I've been married now for over 21 years.

The secret is to become conscious of your Shadow - the part of you that you don't even know is running you! It lies in your unconscious mind, and the unconscious mind runs over 95% of our lives! The Shadow is made up of the parts of yourself you suppressed, as well as unwanted emotions that are too uncomfortable to feel.



I've put together a program that will help you turn your relationships AROUND:

"Six Steps to Healing Your Shadow and
Creating the Love You Desire"

hdabdeidI know you're tired of trying, and tired of trying to figure it out. This program goes much deeper than other dating and love courses out there. There are certain natural laws to life - the way life WORKS. And when you learn to align with these laws, things start to flow like magic!

I'm not saying that there's no work, but it's actually self-nurturing work that feels good. And I'm not saying your Shadow won't come up BIG TIME to resist your leaving your comfort zone. You'll need support, and you'll need to be vigilant so you can become who you've never been before - someone successful at creating LOVE!

In this program, you will:

  • Learn to live from the side of yourself that creates Love effortlessly!
  • Finally see everything in your Shadow blind spot so you can release what's in your way!
  • Get to the core of what creates your life - your hidden beliefs and unwanted emotions
  • Turn your Shadow blocks and hidden beliefs around to create the life and Love you desire!
  • Create the loving relationship with yourself that will draw a loving relationship to you
  • See yourself in a new way so you are finally FREE of your past!
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Thanks to Nijole and Heal your Shadow, I had a total breakthrough on understanding and embracing my shadow. I had just begun a new relationship when I began the program and in the beginning all my shadow sides were coming up and being reflected and it was very challenging. Through her guidance and using her processes and tools, I actually healed myself and started showing up in a whole new way, and now for the first time in my life I am experiencing joy and ease in my relationship in a way I never thought was possible before! -- L.R.

12 months ago I was crying out for a relationship coach who really understood relationships and I found that in Nijole! Nijole is a wonderful relationship coach and has been a great constant in my life for the last few months!  This program that I am on has definitely made a positive impact in my life around all relationships.  More importantly, I feel that I have more clarity about myself and understand my self more as a person and who I am after doing this program. Thanks Nijole! xxx -- Di

NIjole is an amazing teacher, and really is an expert at coaching around the shadow material for transformational growth.  I am so grateful for her program!  Her videos are clear, easy to follow, and extremely insightful. I gained so much clarity throughout the coaching process around what is in my own shadow, and tools I can use to make necessary inner shifts for reaching my life goals.  This is deep work, and it really does get at the heart of the matter for real transformation.  Thank you, Nijole, for your generosity, realness, expertise, & sharing of your own life story as a powerful way to encourage us along our path.  My life goals are unfolding as we speak!  Amazing program.
With much gratitude, Anne

Nijole, You are so Frigging awesome! I am so glad that I was led to you. This morning when I woke up I realized My true intentions. ... I never could figure out what my shadow was. Today I know ... I can never thank you enough.

I had a lot of resistance to this work at first. Something told me to sign up for the 6-month course, but when I got into it I was skeptical and questioning everything. Nijole was always patient with me and had very good, logical explanations. And then after a few months in one of our private sessions, I had the big AHA!! Suddenly everything made sense! I felt plugged in, in a new way, and all I knew was that I wanted MORE!! Thank you, Nijole, for giving me eyes to see, for opening my heart - I didn't realize my constant skeptical (defensive) outlook on life was exactly what was stopping me from having the love I so desperately was looking for. That was my SHADOW!! Now all of my relationships have totally TRANSFORMED, and I have you to thank! You are a gift to the world!

This program EXCEEDED my expectations! I thought it was a priceless value because I had a huge breakthrough with it about my shadow that I know I wouldn't have had without the program, and I think there are so many tools and concepts, and a great road map to go back to and keep using and stay on track and keep making my life better. From the standpoint of the effect on my life and the quality of information and way it was organized, I thought it was priceless and infinitely valuable! -- Lily

Nijole is an excellent coach. Her many years of experience is evident during my personal counseling sessions. I find her highly relatable, full of wisdom and so compassionate. She stands out from the self help crowd because she goes beyond the superficial difference between men and women. -- A.P.

I felt everything taught in this course was worthwhile and valuable, delivered with great attention to detail, support and enthusiasm. I experienced A LOT of transformation, and would definitely recommend this program to anyone! -- U.D.


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One 45- to 60-minute long video each month for six months, covering:

Video 1 - Meet Your Authentic Self. There is a part of you that KNOWS how to attract and create your perfect Love relationship. However, incidents throughout your childhood caused you to block more and more of your Authentic Self until you are no longer in touch with it or the Power within you. You become completely identified with your personality construct, and believe that your conscious mind is all you are. This puts you in a kind of prison, unable to get beyond what you believe is possible for you. The answer is to re-connect with your Authentic Self and there are two daily practices in this video to start you on your way.

Video 2 – Learning to See the Content of Your Shadow. Carl Jung diagrammed the contents of the Self, including your Whole Self, your consciousness, your unconsciousness, and the tiny part of you called the personality construct or the ego, which we all tend to think is all that we are. But it is just a tool we use to navigate a dangerous world. Using the perspective of our Authentic Self, learn five ways to see the contents of your unique Shadow. And you’ll start letting some of those contents out into the Light to be examined, and build a relationship to them so they don’t have such power over you.

Video 3 – Getting Behind the Shadow Patterns to the Beliefs and Emotions Holding Them in Place. It’s important to do this work in an attitude of Acceptance and Compassion for yourself and all that you have unearthed within yourself. As you go deeper into the Shadow, you will learn how to discover the beliefs behind your Shadow patterns. And beliefs are the reason we feel we cannot change – they are running us. Every belief is held in place by an uncomfortable emotion we don’t want to feel. You will learn the deep process that will help you release these emotions once and for all, and have them completely leave your body, which will loosen up your beliefs’ hold on you and your ability to create the life and love you desire.

Video 4 – Turning Your Blocks Around. The first half of this course was about deconstruction, now the second half is about re-construction. It’s about living more from your Authentic Self rather than from your personality construct. Learn 5 tools for turning your hidden beliefs, unwanted emotions, and Shadow aspects AROUND to create the life you are looking for. Work with the lists you created in the previous 2 videos to turn around, own, embrace, and heal what’s in your Shadow, so you can always operate from Authentic Power!

Video 5 – Powerful Practices for Self-Love. The only relationship you can ever have with others is the relationship you have with yourself. For that reason, it’s very important that you have a healthy, loving relationship with yourself. The Shadow can also make you blind to the ways in which you may not be treating yourself with the greatest compassion or respect. You’ll examine 5 ways to tell when you’re operating from your personality construct rather than from your Authentic Self. You’ll learn how to tell emotionally whether you’re in alignment with the flow of your greatest good to you or not. You’ll learn a long list of self-love practices that will surprise you, and also a powerful practice for how to release toxic feelings still held over from previous relationships.

Video 6 – Writing a New Story. Your story is everything your personality construct tells you is the reason why you are the way you are, and why things happen for you the way they happen. If you truly want to transform your love relationships and get different results in life, you need to disattach from your story and start telling a new story – something with a more compassionate and loving perspective. Create a supportive environment for yourself in 5 different areas of your life, so that you continue growing in the right direction. Learn a quick, easy, and powerful way to connect to your Higher Self, as well as the big picture for how to go forth and use all the tools you learned in your life moving forward.


• 2 Group Coaching Conference Calls per Month*

• One Private Call with ME per Month
• Group class is limited to a maximum of 8 attendees to ensure plenty of one-on-one time for each person
• We gather in an atmosphere of strict confidentiality and create a safe atmosphere for transformation

* Local international dial-in numbers are provided for Group Calls, as well as recordings of each Group Call


• All videos and audios are downloadable and yours to keep forever.

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    • You feel like something is holding you back
    • You're attracting incompatible or unavailable partners
    • You're unhappy in a long-term relationship
    • You need more faith and confidence in yourself
    • You're interested in going deeper
    • You're ready to take total responsibility for your life
    • You're interested in or curious about a spiritual approach
    • You want a powerful way to move forward quickly
    • You're ready to let go of the past and create a better future
    • You want to improve ALL your relationships
    • You're ready to commit to YOURSELF and to having the Love you want!

    To Create your Destiny instead of succumbing to your Fate!

    $333/ month
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      This program goes for $333 / month for 6 months, for a total of $1,998. And you get one-on-one attention in a small group for less than the cost of my private coaching packages!
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      I PROMISE:        that if you watch the videos,NijoleFlipPortrait3
      complete the e
      do the daily practices,
      and apply these principles in your life,
      you will DEFINITELY turn your life around
      to create the Love you desire!