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To Look or Not to Look This Holiday Season?

This week’s question comes from a reader who asks:

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Online dating? Forget it!

Here is a request from a reader:

It seems that the only way to get into the dating pool is via online dating, which I have resisted. I’d love some support around online dating fears and knowing what the protocols are. Continue reading Online dating? Forget it!

Help! I’ve lost my soulmate!

Here is a question I received recently from a woman who cannot get over her ex: Continue reading Help! I’ve lost my soulmate!

David Lynch & Transcendental Meditation

You know David Lynch, yes? The legendary filmmaker who is known for such dark films as Eraserhead, Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, and the TV series Twin Peaks? But did you also know that he is an avid practitioner of Continue reading David Lynch & Transcendental Meditation