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Kute Blackson

Dr. Lara & Johnny Fernandez

Amy Leigh Mercree

I believe that our relationships are fundamental to everything we do in life – we have relationships with ourselves, with family, friends, co-workers and our intimate partners. And this is the support we need to propel ourselves forward in our lives.

It is very important to me to help you find and build fulfilling relationships. I believe this is the KEY to creating peace on earth!

But somehow there’s something inside each of us that feels like it’s stopping us – we feel blocked from what we truly desire.

That something is called the Shadow.
And we don’t even know it’s running us!

The good news is that once you recognize your Shadow and know what to do with it, your personal Power to create the life you desire is unleashed! The energy that was holding you back is now released to bring you what you want.

Learning to recognize the Shadow is so important, I created an Interview Series with 21 of the best love, dating, and relationship EXPERTS.

Each one of these amazing experts gives you deep insights, practical tips, and moving personal stories about their own relationships with the Shadow. Their inspirational stories will open your heart, and their personal victories will shift you into a new way of being.

There is no doubt in my mind, that after you listen to all that these wonderful experts have to share, your life will be transformed!

I am offering the entire series for these very low prices:

21 Audio mp3’s - just $67!

21 Videos + the audio mp3’s - just $97!

Give yourself the gift that will constantly support you in creating the Life and Love you desire!

I invite you to Heal Your Shadow Relationships!

Nijole (Neola) Sparkis, RScP

P.S. Please understand that because of the digital and downloadable nature of this series, we cannot offer any refunds.


I followed your whole summit to the very end. That was an awesome experience and I’m sad to say that I will miss my daily video. I have learned so much about myself. My family has noticed a big difference in my attitude and outlook. I’m going to keep working on myself. I want to say thank you very much for the experience. Keep up the great work!

Karen Barber-Stanovich

Thank you soooo  much for creating this series. It has been a blessing and a life-changing experience for me. Thank you with every ounce of gratitude I have…

Donna Perry

Thank you for gathering all the wonderful guests and for all the beautiful information that was shared. I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time. And had so many "Aha" moments that I can now see specifically where there’s work to done. I’m so grateful, thank you!


Thank you Nijole for an amazing course. It came at the perfect time for me and has been very helpful. I love that you are helping bring The Shadow into the light.

Becky Turrell

Adam Gilad

Dr. Carmen Harra

Debi Berndt & Dr. Robert Maldonado

Dr. Diana Kirschner

Dr. Lee Baucom

Mali Apple & Joe Dunn

Maryanne Comaroto

Michaela Boehm

Mikki Willis & Nadia Salamanca

Renee Wade