Do you know what the #1 predictor of success is? Both kinds of success - personal, as well as professional? You may be surprised to know that studies show the #1 predictor of success is Emotional Intelligence!
Does that explain a lot about your personal frustrations with relationships?

I know you're smart, talented, and likely good-looking too. I know you've had some successes in your life, and yet success in the area of relationships has eluded you.

There is nothing wrong with you! You just didn't have ANYONE teach you Emotional Intelligence. Chances are, your parents simply passed down to you what they learned, which also wasn't much.

And we're certainly not taught Emotional Intelligence in school! Usually, we learn how to deal with emotions through a lot of pain. But more often, we just don't deal with them - we avoid them or stuff them down, not wanting to feel them at all, and that's how they become part of our Shadow.

I am offering a special weekend workshop in Los Angeles to help you increase your Emotional Intelligence or EQ (as opposed to IQ) for creating and sustaining healthy relationships.

If this sounds good to you, I'd like to invite you to an intimate gathering in my home for an in-depth workshop to help you in your relationships. Working in a small intimate group like this has proven to be very impactful in building and maintaining healthy relationship!

You will get:

  • a workshop tailored to what you tell me you need in my survey
  • an immersive learning experience
  • a lot of interaction, exercises, processes
  • all your personal questions answered
  • coming together to create a great group synergy for relationship transformation!
When: Aug. 22nd & 23rd, Sat & Sun, 10am - 5pm
Where: my home in Los Angeles
Cost: $497 includes materials and a healthy lunch both days
Nearest airport: I am equally close to Burbank or LAX airports
Where to stay: there are plenty of inexpensive Air BnB rooms available in my neighborhood (in very nice homes!)

If you think this is for you, please CLICK HERE to fill out my brief survey. After I review your answers, we'll have a chat by phone to make sure it's a good fit and to answer any of your other questions. I promise you it will be a VERY special and rewarding experience!

I hope you take this incredible opportunity to learn the skills to finally manifest relationship success for yourself, in a rare in-person intimate setting with me!

With love,
Nijole (Neola)
P.S. The spaces usually fill up very fast, so fill out my survey today by CLICKING HERE!