Nijole (pronounced Neola) has lived a life of learning to create miracles. Coming from a background of brutal dysfunction & poverty, she sought a way out of her plight through the performing arts, and was always presented with clues and teachings on her difficult journey through such a competitive field. Leaving behind the dogmatic religion of her youth, she studied Eastern philosophies, and their modern interpretations through the works of Napoleon Hill, Seth, Louise Hay, Abraham-Hicks, the Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, and has studied under Michael Bernard Beckwith (who also performed the marriage ceremony for her and her husband).

After 20 years as a singer / songwriter, she retired into Voice Teaching (at Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, Disney’s MMC TV show, and her own Vocal Point studio), and discovered that her greatest joy was teaching her students about their inner strengths, which actually made them better singers. She became a certified Life Coach in 2001, studied under Thomas Leonard the founder of Coach University, and eventually completed the licensing program (2 years + 4 years) as a Spiritual Practitioner for both the Centers for Spiritual Living and Agape International Spiritual Center under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith (“The Secret”, Oprah).

Nijole served as Service Leader at Center of the Heart in Santa Barbara for 5 years, as the Community Communications Catalyst at the non-profit c3: Center for Conscious Creativity in downtown L.A. for 10 years, and as licensed Spiritual Practitioner and Online Course Facilitator for Michael Beckwith at his Agape International Spiritual Center for 3 years. She has hosted two immensely popular online video interview series’ entitled “Heal the Shadow in Your Relationships,” which featured such notable experts as John Gray, Rhonda Britten, Dr. Diana Kirschner, Alison Armstrong, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Kathryn Alice, Kelley Kosow of the Debbie Ford Institute, and many others.

Nijole has led “Artist’s Way” and “Law of Attraction” workshops, and is a lively and entertaining public speaker as well. She has successfully helped many connect to their inner power and improve their relationships, and has herself manifested financial freedom, her perfect soulmate of over 23 years, working with celebrities, a gorgeous home in a prestigious neighborhood, and countless other miraculous manifestations which would never have been possible given her background. Her passion and joy is to help others manifest miracles in every aspect of their lives too.


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