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You want satisfying relationships. Maybe you are searching for a life partner, or maybe you want to improve the relationship you already have. Maybe you are struggling with your family relationships, or with co-workers or friends. The truth is, everything in life is a relationship – our relationship with money, with our health or our work – and it is all a reflection of our relationship with our Self.

You may already have gone through a lot of self-growth and development, or maybe taking a spiritual perspective on your relationships is new to you. If you have tried going to therapy, doing classes and workshops, meditating, or reading books, you may still not be getting the results you are looking for. That’s because we all have a blind spot, our Shadow, that is very invested in keeping us stuck in the same place.

Allow me to offer you a proven system that really WORKS. I am a certified Life Coach with a background in Spiritual Counseling who has used this system to create true love myself, improve difficult relationships around me, and transform all areas of my life. And you don’t have to take it from me – this system has been used by hundreds of thousands of others around the planet to create astonishing miracles of transformation in their lives and loves.

There is a consciousness that heals any blocks you may hold in your Shadow – the fears, the blind spots, the repressed emotions that hold you back. When you are experiencing unsatisfying results in your life, you are being asked to look at everything inside that is unlike love, so you can release it, integrate it, and finally live from your Authentic Self where your true power lies, which attracts and creates True Love!

In this 6-month VIP group coaching program, we will create a group synergy that will support you in finally making the changes you’ve been yearning for. I will guide you through these Six Steps to Healing Your Shadow and Creating the Love You Desire:

1. Connecting to your Authentic Self behind the Shadow, and staying consistent in that connection
2. Practicing awareness of the content of your Shadow, observation without judgment, and taking your power back from any circumstances or situations
3. Recognizing repeating patterns in yourself and in others and practicing greater acceptance of yourself and of others, getting behind the patterns to the beliefs that hold them in place, and getting in touch with the feelings we don’t want to feel that keep the old beliefs in place, and releasing them – emotional processing
4. Turning our Shadow aspects around and putting in place new beliefs for new results
5. Creating a relationship of solid Self-Love with our Authentic Self
6. Telling a new story, disidentifying from who we thought we were, and installing new neural pathways

Every month, you will receive a video from me which explains the concepts we are going to embody that month, two group coaching telephone conference calls and their recordings to review, as well as one private telephone coaching call with me, to ensure your steady progress stays on track. There will be assignments to help you put these principles into practical application, and there are usually additional informative materials as needed by the group. In addition, you have 24/7 access to me via email with any questions and quick check-ins.

If you faithfully do the work and apply the principles, it is GUARANTEED that you will be completely transformed after six months, able to attract and create more loving relationships. You will also undoubtedly see tremendous beneficial effects on the rest of your life too, and you will have a number of empowering tools to rely on in all your future growth.

If you have questions, drop me an email and I will be happy to answer them, or let me know that you’d like to put your name on the waiting list for the next class startup.

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