Out of all the summits I’ve been on yours is the one that has generated the most feedback from my coaching clients and friends. They are deeply connecting with the content. The fact that people took the time to email me with their thoughts is a huge testament to the quality of your conference.  BRAVO!

— Jackie Dumaine, The Yoga Code



I am amazed at what Spiritual Coaching with Nijole Sparkis can do for you… I can honestly say that it is changing my life, starting from my daily ritual of meditating for at least 15 minutes a day… The release of the blocks and the shadows.. Just feeling- and releasing- my feelings/emotions… And the visualization formula homework that she gave me… Starting from asking me the right questions about the life I want to live starting now… So I am extremely grateful to Nijole for her insights and perfect advice, which I would recommend to my best friend… And anyone who wants to make a huge difference in their life, to one of pure love + joy + getting what you deserve as your birthright… Thank you, Nijole, for your great work towards a healthier + happier + wealthier world!
— Monica Sancio
Director, Healthy Break – Fitwell Corp – Fit TV


Thank you SOOO MUCH…
I honestly had a breakthrough about my self worth that I haven’t yet been able to feel.
I’ve been on a path of personal growth and healing for the past 7 years and have been able to learn and understand these concepts logically, but haven’t really been able to believe and embody them for real life results. I think the way you explain it all … really flipped the switch I needed to fully understand in my soul what I need. Many thanks to you!
I’ve been following you for a couple of years and I always get value from what you share. Thank you for your generosity.
Dawn B


Thank you so much. I’ve been doing your processes for a few years now but something about this time, or the timing, made a difference. I did release something (finally) and got a different message. The most noticeable part of the process was to be able to shift from the despair-ish feeling I often get when triggered to being able to take my “power” back and be able to contribute positively to the situation. In the past I would have had no way to shift out of the dark feeling and given up on the way I relate to the other person. Thank you again and many blessings,


I just love you. You are beautiful inside and out. This was extremely helpful. Thank you!

I contacted Nijole after a painful breakup left me shaken to my core. She quickly identified some core issues the breakup revealed and helped me embrace and process the intense emotions I was experiencing. She followed up each of our sessions with an abundance of information and tools to support me between sessions and now I’m out of despair and learning to truly love and accept myself. Also, setting intentions during our sessions helped me manifest a fun, loving new relationship! Many thanks and blessings to Nijole for her powerful work!
– Jessie B., Kirkland, WA

Nijole, thank you for your fabulous call last week! You explained everything so clearly and my understanding of the shadow has opened up. I always enjoy reading your emails and your seminars are fabulous. Thank you!!!
— Patty Lazzara


You have been such a blessing. Wow!!
So you must know this. My husband and I have been married for one year and separated for the last month. I have had no idea what to do and how to do it. Everyone around us is yelling divorce but I knew that wasn’t what I wanted.
I found you almost a week ago and my husband and I are closer today than we were these past 11 months. I had no idea how many gremlins I had hiding in my shadows.
And the free gift “how to gracefully recover…[from an emotional trigger]” Oh my!!! We had a terrible explosion and I haven’t known how to recover but your suggestions are spot on.  I shared these with him and he replied back with “WOW!”
You’re helping us both. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!
Stylishly Yours
👠 DeAnna 👗
Wardrobe Consultant | Personal Stylist

My experience with Nijole was super nice. I so appreciate her spiritual approach and how we always started our conversations placing God first for guidance.  She is truly a loving wonderful person who looks to guide and understand the situation and helped me to see beyond where I had seen.She has made each of our conversations a growing experience. Thank you Nijole for all!


I’m so thankful to have discovered you when I did! The universe showed you to me at the perfect timing. I feel so supported and so honored to glean from your life wisdom, to be the recipient has been so healing and encouraging – thank you with all my heart for your service and commitment to yourself and in-turn for your service and commitment to others, I feel so supported by you.




Nijole, you ROCK it! After our last counseling session, you had me release so much energy that I met the man of my dreams! And I got a job after 6 months of no work! You are pure MAGIC!!
With TOTAL gratitude,
— Nan

Hi Nijole, just to say a big thank you for including my question on your recent call. The detailed replies you gave were really insightful for me! A part that I found particularly useful was when you talked about the rights of passage of ancient tribal societies and how we are missing something in that area in our modern society. I also found your advice on processing these difficult emotions very useful and have been practicing ‘just being’ with them. And the tip to use in the moment was very useful too. Thank you again!
— Diana Dee
I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gifts with me. I truly felt something lift in me… what the heck did you do, exorcize me?! I look forward to our next session.



I want to thank you for the Healing Shadow Relationships Summit.  It has helped me more than you may know.  I went through such a dark time and wasn’t always convinced I would survive.  I’d listen to an interview every night and it helped give me new tools and ways of thinking.  Thank you again.  What you do makes a difference.
Kind regards,


Thank you so much for our session on Friday. I feel like the shadow side was very enlightening to me. It has helped me feel freer. And I was able to say say good-bye to a “loser” guy playing cat and mouse games with me. I’ve also had the chance to meet someone else who is a very good guy and is very responsive to me. So far, so good. … In the meantime, I am doing your suggestions.
–A.M., Texas


Thank you Nijole for all you are doing to help heal the world and me! You have a fan for life in me!
— Alex Ramer


Hi Nijole, I didn’t really know what I was in for when I joined the summit, but oh boy am I learning lots about the shadow. All the interviews so far have been totally amazing not to mention the generous gifts from all the speakers. Thank you!:)
— Alena Monias
I took an 8 week “uncovering your shadow” based class, last summer, that was quite wonderful for me, which brought vital changes into my life. I was then led, through those channels, to Nijole’s first “HEAL YOUR SHADOW SUMMIT”. I was so taken with her facility in the area of shadow work, her dedication to uncover it for our highest good, and she was SO insightful with all of her guests, that I was hooked on her expertise and felt drawn to work with her to lead me further along my path to remove the barriers in my life for my utmost benefit, through continuing to uncover my shadow. Some are good at what they do, but Nijole is truly gifted at this work, which I found out, first hand, from coaching with her recently. She goes above and beyond for you, and guided me with a compassionate hand and heart. Her support is palpable and powerful and her visualizations are so pure and specific and transformational. I can’t thank her enough, and look forward to continuing my work with her!
— Ann, from Los Angeles

Dear Nijole,
Thank you for offering this insightful, healing and truly wonderful series. I have done ‘MANY’ online series, certifications, classes etc..and I have to say this is one of the “BEST” I have attended as far as pure quality through and through! Many of these online seminars and classes are so financially driven that it dominates the message. I know this was a TON of work… I just wanted to recognize your efforts and let you know how much I have gained and enjoyed this series. So Thank you! Namaste and Many Blessings…
— Lisa Cefalu
Thank you for everything, Nijole ! You’re such an adorable and delicate person (I love your necklaces !). Yes, this is a great work you’re doing. And you’re always coming to the point with accuracy, and speaking a crystal-clear language. May God bless you !
— Anne (from Belgium)
Great videos, Nijole! By far, it’s been the best series of life-changing videos I’ve ever seen! Thank you for the series and keep up the good work!

— Tom Sanchez


Dear Nijole,
Thank you soooo  much for creating this series. It has been a blessing and a life-changing experience for me. Thank you with every ounce of gratitude I have….
Wishing you warm regards,
Donna Perry

Nijole, thank you so much for the 3-part video series you offered viewers of Nicole Miller’s Epic Love series in which you were featured. Wonderful interview and the 3-part series is so packed full of amazing insights and spoken and expressed so beautifully. They are something I want to watch over just to be reminded of these powerful spiritual truths.
— Kecia Lee
Oh wow, I’m not sure how I originally got  link for your “Heal the Shadow in Your Relationships 2” video interview series, but all I can say is oh my goodness, how lucky am I to have been able to tap into the series. Thank you so so so very much Nijole. It has been amazing and such an eye opener.  I have learnt so much from you and all the amazing guests that you chatted to. So many various slants on ‘The shadow’, so much to digest and nuggets to take and put into practice in my life. I had never even heard of ‘shadow’ before this.
I truly appreciate the free access to this and the access to all the follow up gifts from everyone. I haven’t managed to listen to everything yet  but so much to hear and take in, that I am lapping it all up.  Currently my life is in a definite transition phase and financially I am at a current low ebb, so to get all this fascinating information from all the experts is so wonderful and powerful.
Thank you for helping me on my journey to turn my life into being awesome and me living as my true self!!!!
Forever grateful
— Agnes
Hello Nijole, I checked out your web series and must say I loved it. I joined a couple other web series at the same time but yours was the best. Thank you for the revelations. You have truly helped me grow. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing; it makes a difference! Oh and I absolutely loved your song! Thanks again.
Light and love,
I wanted to send my heartfelt congratulations to you on your whole summit, but also to tell you that the piece de resistance was today’s interview with you. Brought the whole notion of the shadow work to such a clarifying place with, to me, the ultimate master (mistress??) of it all. It definitely is your calling and I thank you for sharing your work with all of us, and I also thank you, once again, for our precious coaching sessions together. You’re so gifted at this work.
 All best, till next time.




Nijole Sparkis is a refreshing font of insight into Emotional Intelligence. She effectively communicates about core issues that can actually inhibit the quality of relationships and easily breaks down methods to release those blocks. I got so much out of her class, plus I released so much and gained more freedom in my thinking & clarified my new needs & desires.
— Roxy Angel

What I liked: well-organized, fast-paced, ended on time yet covered all the information, lots of interactive exercises, excellent answers to our questions. Great job!
— Mary Jo

Nijole is a great leader and shows so much compassion & understanding. I really enjoyed the workshop & would love to see an advanced class offered.
— J.O.

I like the workshop because it is experiential and I actually processed some heavy emotions! Thank you!

I appreciated the workshop and your skills in helping us get in touch with our emotions – & to use them to improve our lives and relationships.
— C.L.

I can testify to the awesomeness of this workshop! Nijole is dynamic, clear and very intelligent. I could hear her talk about anything – she is so interesting and smart.
— Michelle Fitzgerald

This workshop was full of usefull info I can apply immediately to my life.
— M.B.V.

Nijole’s talk was incredibly informational & inspirational. I came away with concrete action steps to uplevel my life now. Thank you, Nijole!
— Deborah Gibson, SoM Practitioner

Nijole gives specific tools and information to move you closer to your goals — very effective.
— Peggy

Great energy with practical, usable information. I came for her energy, stayed for the wisdom, and all with humor, too!
— L.P.

I got in touch with a hidden belief that I hadn’t thought about and would not have been able to change without becoming aware of it.
— M.H.

Nijole is authentic, brings energy, experience, and wisdom to her presentations.
— M.M.

O.M. Goddess! Such tremendous “bang for the buck”! Nijole gives SO much…! A splendid mixture of elements (like food groups): Substance / information (meat); methodology / instruction (vegetables); humor / entertainment (spices). Result: a nourishing & filling “meal” (class) that left me satisfied, uplifted, happy, inspired and soo wanting (way) MORE!
— R.R.

I love Nijole’s connected and grounded presentation. She gives valid, concise ideas that work whether in spiritual groups or the corporate world. Great job!
— Rev. Maryum Morse, Center of the Heart

Nijole, you are a very good speaker, humble, know the subject, & you are helping people.
— T.B.

Your energy is contagious & inspiring.
— Lynn

This workshop reminded me of the aspects of myself that I truly want to improve upon in a loving way. I was reminded of core Spiritual principles, practices, & learned about creating my own Blissiplines. I’m inspired to create an amazing life & have more confidence that this is indeed possible — or something better! Thank you so much, Nijole!
— Leslie Sach

This was my second taste of this workshop & I truly appreciated how you got all the points discussed. I loved the review plus the fleshing out of the rest off the study materials. I feel I went deeper and gained more self insight plus tools for my mind, plus a does of practical ways to apply this teaching to my life. I feel I understand Law of Attraction way better, even more so than Abraham. Way to go, Nijole, you seriously rock!
— R.A.S.V.S.

This was well organized & well presented. I have been to this kind of workshop many times in the past & will continue in the future as they keep me on track. This was a very good one. Plus, you handled an over-zealous / over-talkative person very well. I applaud this.
— S.C.

Nijole presents her topic in a language that is easily understood and engaging as well as entertaining. She interacts and supports the crowd to participate openly.
— Taylor Brayden at TaylorBrayden.com

2 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS”

  1. December 16, 2014

    Dear Nijole:

    Thank you for your time to speak with me this afternoon to shed light on how to improve my mental and spiritual state of mind to improve my life circumstances. It was a great pleasure to speak with you. I value you as a role model in your profession. I am glad to have the opportunity to learn from you and sharing similar stories. Thank you so much again for everything. Happy holidays and New Year!


    Amy Lau

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