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EVERYTHING in life is RELATIONSHIP! We have a relationship to our work, to our money, to our physical body and our health, to the earth and the planet, to our possessions — besides the relationships we have to friends, family, co-workers, our children, our pets, and our significant other.

And ALL of these relationships are a reflection of our primary, most important relationship — our relationship with our SELF.

Emerging SelfI encourage you to build a whole, healthy relationship to what I call your Authentic Self – which is different from our personality or egoic self. The Authentic Self is who you are behind the defense mechanisms, self-protection, limiting beliefs, and unresolved emotions that make up our false identity. The Authentic Self is where your power lies — the power to create¬†everything in your life to be what your heart desires! And that includes high quality relationships that reinforce the loving and nurturing relationship we have with our Self.

How do we re-connect with our Authentic Self? By examining, releasing, and integrating what we hold in our SHADOW! The Shadow is our blind spot — what we don’t see in ourselves that is clear to everyone around us. It consists of parts of us we decided to disown and stuff down, our fears, shaming messages we were given — all that triggers us.

When we heal what we’re carrying in our Shadow, more of our Authentic Self is freed to come forth, making us more powerful magnets and attractors for the Good we wish to come into our life!

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