Radical Forgiveness & Satori Breathwork


Last weekend I had the honor of co-facilitating a beautiful workshop at Agape International Spiritual Center with my colleague, spiritual practitioner Patricia Kingery. The workshop was called “Radical Forgiveness and Satori Breath Workshop” and was part of Agape’s “One From the Heart” Day.

Patricia is trained in Radical Forgiveness and Satori Breathwork, and I was there to hold the space for healing, and to attend to the session participants as needed.

Based on the book of the same name by Colin Tipping, Radical Forgiveness is a simple and elegant process for quickly dissolving the residual pain attached to ALL our emotion-related problems. Much like my Shadow work, Radical Forgiveness allows us to see whatever issue we are struggling with as an opportunity provided by our Higher Self for our growth. Therefore, everything is not happening TO us but always happening FOR us.

Patricia wisely adds that ALL forgiveness work is ultimately forgiveness of ourselves. When we complete the contemplation and inquiry of Radical Forgiveness, we ultimately reintegrate the part of ourselves we projected on another, and we get to reclaim our wholeness and our power. What a gift! I guess that’s why we call it “for Giving”!

After Patricia explained Radical Forgiveness, the session participants were treated to a FULL HOUR of satori breathwork! Everyone lay down on their blankets on the floor, we dimmed the lights, turned on the most beautiful Indian meditation music that went through each of the chakras, and they began the deep circular breathing of satori breathwork. Patricia and I said silent prayers over each participant for their Highest and Greatest Good.

Some lay in deep quiet states as they breathed deeply, and stayed in one position for the entire hour. Some changed positions a few times, while others felt like moving constantly to release energy. Still others shed tears, and some sobbed deeply. I passed out tissues and gave hugs if needed, and then said more silent prayers.

Eventually, we faded out the music, slowly brought up the lights, and allowed everyone to do some journaling about their experience. Then we sat in circle and listened as those who felt moved to do so, shared what they went through.

We heard a lot of surprise – that they didn’t think they would go to the places they went to, surprise at the emotions and energy they found within themselves around certain people or situations, surprise that simply breathing deeply for an hour could bring up so much to release! And it sounded like there truly was a lot of release – the process of integration had begun. Many said they felt so much lighter. It was a joy and a beauty to witness these beloved souls healing themselves.

Satori breathwork is best done under guidance of a trained practitioner. And you should check with your doctor if you have significant health issues, a heart condition, or are pregnant.

Radical Forgiveness, however, is something you can practice at any time. Here is a worksheet from Colin Tipping’s website that may assist you in the process.

How did you feel hearing about these healing methods? What did it bring up in you? I’d love to hear your comments below or on my Facebook page here. Wishing you much healing and Wholeness!

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    1. You can inquire directly with the facilitator, Patricia Kingery, at her website here: https://patriciakingery.com/
      You can also do an Internet search on “Radical Forgiveness and Satori Breathwork” to find other facilitators that may be closer to you geographically.

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