Manifest the love you desire

So you say you want to manifest greater love in your life? Perhaps you’d like to meet your life partner or soulmate, perhaps you’d like to improve your current relationships – intimate or otherwise.

I used to teach the Law of Attraction, and I would get remarks from clients who’d say “But Nijole, you know the Law doesn’t work all the time – so how can it be a LAW?!”

Well, I set out to explore why the Law of Attraction works beautifully for some people (myself included!) and not as well or not at all for others. That’s when I came across the current focus of my work – how what is in our Shadow or blind spot can block what we desire from coming in.

I have a lot of other blog articles and material on my website that address how to deal with your Shadow blocks, so let me shed more light on the “Attraction” part of the process.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever is our predominant “vibration” is what we will attract. Our “vibration” is our emotional tone, what we feel.

You notice how some people just have a good “energy” about them? They’re pleasant to be around, you enjoy spending time with them – they’re “attractive”!

That “energy” is their emotional tone. It is the sum total of their current, changeable feelings, plus the feelings that are stored in their unconscious nervous system. Together all your feelings make up your emotional tone, your energy, or your vibration.

Likewise, you can feel when someone has a funky energy about them that starts to feel like a drain. It repels you, you just can’t wait to get away from them.

We all get into a funky energy sometimes, and it can especially stick with us when we’re going through a huge long-term challenge. Even day to day, it’s impossible to always stay light and “up”, but do you allow feelings to flow through you freely, expressing and releasing them as they come up? Or do find yourself staying stuck in the funk?

Here’s an exercise to help you recognize your own general emotional tone in the area of relationships:

Reflect back on your week last week. See if you can get in touch with feelings you had about your relationships during the week, and put a number on them from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most exuberant, positively expectant and satisfied you’ve ever felt, and 1 being the most hopeless, despairing, “down in the dumps” you’ve ever felt about your relationships.

To arrive at your average number for the week, consider how you were feeling around:
1. Friendships when you were thinking of them or hanging out with friends?
2. How were you feeling about work relationships?
3. How you felt about relationships with your family?
4. Think back on feelings you had about yourself – your relationship with yourself. How did you feel about yourself as you ran your errands, how you did your work, how you looked, how you ate, how healthy you felt, how desirable and attractive you felt you are?
4. How did you feel last week about your prospects for a life partner, or about the intimate partner(s) you were with?
5. How did you feel about depictions of relationships in the media – while consuming magazines, books, Internet, TV, movies, music?

Now take the average of all those numbers for your week. That is your general emotional tone around relationships.

If you sleep 8 out of every 24 hours, you have 16 waking hours to generate loving feelings about relationship – that is 2/3 of your waking life to cause positive love attraction or not.

If you scored 7 or higher, good for you! You ought to be highly attractive (if you’re not, let’s work on your Shadow)! If you scored 4 to 7, you have some energy to clear out and release. And if you scored 1 to 3, you could stand to seriously do whatever you can to uplevel your vibe.

Gratitude is the fastest vibe shifter. Imagine what you would like your relationship experience to be, and start thanking for that to come into your present experience. Thank all the people that might make it happen, thank the Universal forces that will move heaven and earth to bring it to you, thank the relationship shift itself or the person coming into your life – just start saying thank you’s and your vibe will begin to shift!

Let me know how you did with these exercises by commenting below, or on my Facebook page here – I always love hearing from you! It helps me stay in touch with what you want and need.

Wishing you love & blessings!

3 thoughts on “Manifest the love you desire”

  1. Nijole, the way of scoring the general tone around relationships was interesting to read and also it was interesting for me to score myself. For last week I scored 6 or 7, depends on the answer. You’ve already mentioned what that means. But I know I can score higher and I will. Thank you for that self test. It definitely helps a person to test self which can stimulate to improve himself/herself.

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