New Year Visioning Process for 2017

I recorded this video on my birthday – as my gift to you! Because what we give is what we get to receive and keep.

This is a New Year’s ritual you can use to set your intentions for 2017. It is based on the Visioning process taught to me by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. So set yourself up in a quiet meditative space and have some fun with it.

Let me know how this works for you – leave a comment on this page below. Or you can also leave a comment on my Facebook page here.

And I can’t wait to hear about the manifestations showing up for you in the New Year, as a result of working with this beautiful Visioning process!

I wish you happy manifesting in 2017! May your heart’s desire be REALIZED!

2 thoughts on “New Year Visioning Process for 2017”

  1. Happy Birthday, Nijole! And thank you for the gift. I always appreciate your messages to us.

    I did the Visioning practice. Here is what I experienced. Question One brought to mind immediately a sense of power. I got an image of a column, such as those in Greek and Roman temples which carried a sense of fame and honor.. I got words such as “more visibility in the world.” Also ideas of money and even applause

    When we went into the further questions it seems that you were assuming that this was our “heart’s desire.” For me, this isn’t what my heart wants at all. It may be what my soul is planning for me—my next step in my evolution but I can’t say that it’s my heart’s desire at all—quite the contrary in fact. I have enjoyed my period of invisibility and I really hate the idea of being more visible in the world as this “vision” suggests.

    1. That’s interesting, Christa! It sounds like there is something to look at there. I recommend doing the Visioning process about once a week for a few weeks and THEN put together everything that comes out of the Visioning. Perhaps this is just one part of a greater whole. Also, because you used the words “brought to mind”, I am wondering if the image really came from your soul or perhaps it came more from your mind? If this IS truly your soul’s plan for you, perhaps you need to sit with your resistance to the visibility and ask if your invisibility is truly for your Highest Good? Listen to your own answers and the path will become clear. Blessings!

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