Could You Use a Miracle Right Now?

When I used to teach Law of Attraction workshops, people often asked me, “Nijole, why doesn’t the Law of Attraction work for everyone every time?” That’s what brought me to my current Shadow work.

We have a basic perception or point of view we’re operating from that we never think to question. It is so pervasive that we believe “this is just the way the world is, or life is, or MY life is.” That’s our Shadow, it’s our blind spot, and it will block the Law of Attraction or any Good from happening every time.

We have many reasons we don’t want to question these most basic asumptions of ours – it would rock our world to go through such a fundamental change – so we stay safe, accepting that our life can only be so much and no more, and tolerate having it be the way it is.

Sometimes we get more motivated to change our life, so we read a self-help book, or do some visualizations or other exercises, or we hire a coach for a while. If you don’t understand how the Shadow works, none of these changes will stick and you’ll remain frustrated, with further evidence that this is just the way life is.

But there comes a time in your life when you become READY to break out of this restrictive shell! Maybe you finally decide that you won’t tolerate the same old situation anymore. Maybe some major event happens and you are forced to re-evaluate your assumptions. This is the best thing that can happen!

You’ve heard the phrase “Life doesn’t happen TO us, it happens FOR us.” Life, nature, urges us to grow. Life is always on the side of life expansion. Sometimes some form of destruction needs to take place to make room for the greater expansion. If something major is going on in your life right now, it’s for a very good reason IF you choose to step up and use the opportunity!

So how do you do that? The way to do that is to turn off our stress response and choose to deal with what is going on from the more evolved part of your brain. And how do you do THAT? Let me back up a bit.

Very simpistically, we have 3 brains: our survival brain at the base of our skull, which is unconscious and pretty much runs our instinctive reactions like fight / flight / freeze on autopilot; our emotional brain at the top back of the skull which is subsconscious and holds all the programming and conditioning we’ve undergone throughout our life; and our most evolved brain, the neocortex behind our forehead, which is our conscious mind and deals with our higher-order desires, such as decisions, plans, aspirations, and also spiritual experiences.

Most of us tend to live mainly in our survival and emotional brains. The more stressful your life is (and whose isn’t these days?), the more you will be operating at these two levels. It is said that our conscious brain controls a mere 10% of what is going on in our lives. The trick is to get all 3 brains in alignment with each other – a state known as Coherence, which spiritually is known as the state of Wholeness.

To do this, we need to slow down the conscious mind to the frequency of the unconscious and subconscious brains. This is why relaxation and meditation are so effective for coming up with great solutions to our problems at hand.

To create miracles, our conscious mind needs to talk to the other two brains so they can get on board with the higher-order desire. But the other two brains are non-verbal, so although words are powerful, they need to get translated into a visual image, or into a feeling, a frequency or vibration to reach the other two brains.

The following is one way to “speak to” or re-program the unconscious brain through frequency or vibration.

Try this exercise:
1. Set your cell phone timer to chime every hour as a reminder. As soon as it goes off, re-set it to chime again in 60 minutes so you are reminded again each hour.
2. When you hear the chime, spend a minute recalling one of the most blissful moments in your life. It’s very useful to relive the memory exactly as it occurred while you were feeling blissful. It doesn’t matter if the moment didn’t turn out so well in the end, just focus on what the most blissful part of the experience was for about a minute, recreating the feeling of bliss in your body.
3. Did you feel your emotional vibration rise?
4. Do this every hour of every day that you can. Re-programming takes place through constant repetition.
5. In a few days you ought to see some amazing results, if you’re truly reliving and embodying your blissful memory. For the purpose of this exercise, don’t think of something that hasn’t happened yet, just work with memories that you’ve already experienced as blissful moments.

Let me know in the comments below how this went for you! Or on my Facebook page here. I can’t wait to hear all about your miracles!

Sending love & miracles!

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