Creating Your BEST Love Ever!


I created this 90-minute teleclass to address the responses I received from a survey I sent out June 2015.

In this teleclass, I show you how to identify and process your fears, the difference between self-love and self-esteem, 10 areas of self-love to practice, and how to best take care of yourself when you feel you tend to lose yourself in a relationship, when you have trust issues, and when you don’t know how much longer to stay with a prospective partner to determine if they’re “the One” or not.

Plus, I also share the most powerful tool for transforming your relationships and your life, which releases a lot of Shadow energy!



19 thoughts on “Creating Your BEST Love Ever!”

  1. Fantastic. I have been trying to learn to handle emotions for years. I think that is the answer also, not all this do this and that, be this way and that way; and make it happen.

    1. Exactly. We cannot just “change our thinking” because our beliefs are held in place by our emotions. If we do not learn to deal with our feelings and emotions, develop our Emotional Intelligence, it is an uphill struggle to change our behavior.

  2. Hi Nijole,
    I absolutely loved this teleclass. It was so insightful. I am definitely going to take everything you discussed and apply it to my life. I am going to ask people close to me to listen to this teleclass. Thank you.

  3. I have been following Polina Solda’s video series as I have slowly been working to become more relationship ready.

    I almost didn’t watch your presentation because it immediately made me anxious, as in I didn’t want to go to that heavy place. So yes, I knew it was important.

    I accessed your above telecast. I responded most to your visualization of rising in your purest self to float above, against the ceiling. It is a lovely image I will keep.

    However, everyone is different and I know that I access my higher self when I write because I never really know what I will write; what the next sentence or paragraph will be. I always wrote thoughts and feelings as a child and my higher power wrote me through an honors degree in English so I completely trust in this for me.

    Your guidance inspired me to write 23 pages today, taking up most of my Sunday.

    I learned so much about the childhood shadows I have always been afraid to explore although I knew they shadowed my life.

    From those shadows I now have beautiful images I can carry with me and work on. I can see the direction of that work and it no longer feels sad and scary but that it can become joyful and productive.

    Thank you for inspiring me with your powerful but somehow safe shadow imagery!

    1. Colleen,

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with me! Yes, it is natural for us to be afraid to explore what is in our Shadow. It’s because our Shadow will dissolve when we see what is there with love and awareness, and its purpose is to protect you, so it is very afraid of letting go of its self-protective mechanism. But – as you experienced with the help of your Higher Self – once you bring everything that is in your Shadow out into the Light, it actually stops having power over you, stops limiting your life, so you can reclaim your personal power, which is what will allow you to create the love and relationships you desire. I’m so happy to hear you made the transformation! Many blessings to you!

  4. Dear Nijole,
    I am coming back to you. I could not say more I was too relaxed to full of thoughts and surprised. You are so good! I have done a lot of spiritual work and I thought I had made a lot of progress. With You I realized that my great obstacle is self-love! I have gained self esteem with all those university degrees but suddenly, yesterday, with this programme, I realised deep inside I feel I am not enough and this goes back to my childhood. At this time I have visions of creative work that could people but I feel I need to be loved. There is someone at this stage who seems to be a soulmate, but I am afraid I may do unconsciously mistakes that would drive him away. I may have already done it, although my higher self says I have not. I do not know how to thank you. At the moment I cannot do the programme, for many reasons. I may be able to arrange a meeting with you and if there is a CD, DVD I can buy and work with it…If I were in the StatesI would definitely come to your seminars. I realized that loving myself in the right way can be a breakthrough for me. I apologise for pouring my heart out to you.
    (I am not in facebook). Thank You Again
    Love from

  5. Dear Nijole,

    This was really great! Thank you, I coul write more but feel relaxed


  6. Hi

    I love the work you are consciously sharing to heal the planet relationally – hearing your voice for me is healing – Thank you so much – with Love – Angela – Beverley – England

  7. Hi Nijole,

    I’ve watched your 3 videos and just have listened to
    your call.
    I can absolutelly agree with your messages.
    When I look back at my live, whether present or past, good or bad…it all applies for the reasons you are bringing up to the public.

    Thank you,

  8. thank you. I had some resistance at first with this video since I was starting to feel insecure when I listened. I chose to listen anyway since resistance means something is required to be brought up. Resistance is futile-hahahahhaha Then I heard to face the shadow so it doesn’t continue and so I looked deep inside with love and embraced the feeling of insecurity loving it deeply and felt a shift to deeper inner confidence. I learned some deep areas within around deeper inner love from the chart that helped bring things to a greater awareness. The exercises are great. You are a loving person to care to do this.

  9. Beautiful call Nijole!! I’m feeling the release of so much pain and hurt. Looking forward to the forgiveness exercise. Can’t thank you enough! Blessings

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