Stop Fighting Love and Get out of Your Own Way

Heal Your Shadow
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As a Spiritual Counselor, I counsel people on every aspect of their lives – money, career, health, love. But I find the MOST foundational aspect of our lives is our RELATIONSHIPS. They all reflect our primary relationship with ourselves, so if you want to see a change in your life, that’s where to start.

You know, it’s important to me to help you find and build a fulfilling relationship. But somehow there’s something inside each of us that feels like it’s stopping us – we feel blocked from what we truly desire.

That something is called the Shadow. 

And here’s the thing – we don’t even know it’s running us!

It causes us to stay with an incompatible partner, sabotage a date with someone good for us, cause us to over-react emotionally, put up defenses to intimacy, and blame others for our bad breaks.

The good news is that once you recognize your Shadow and know what to do with it, your personal Power to create Love is unleashed!

The energy that was holding you back is now released to bring you what you want.

Learning to recognize the Shadow is so important, here’s what I did!

I’ve decided to partner with 21 of the best love, dating, and relationship experts in a free online video summit called “Heal Your Shadow Relationships.”

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Each one of these amazing experts gives you deep insights, practical tips, and moving personal stories about their own relationships with the Shadow.

Stories of triumph over sexual shame, betrayal, and trauma – stories of victory over lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and other Shadow traits.

Their inspirational stories will open your heart, and their personal victories will shift you into a new way of being.

There is no doubt in my mind, that after you listen to all that these wonderful experts have to share, your life will be transformed!

I invite you to Heal Your Shadow Relationships! Claim your free virtual seat now.

Wishing you happy, healthy Love!

P.S. Each interview link will only be available for a limited time after it’s released in the daily email.  So register now and pull yourself out of a love rut and get yourself back into feeling cherished.

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4 thoughts on “Stop Fighting Love and Get out of Your Own Way”

    1. Sorry about that! This was an online video series from October 2014, when each video was available for free for a limited time. It is no longer up for free, however I had the link fixed and it should now take you to the page where the audio or video series can be purchased. Hope that helps!

  1. I am currently seperated from my wife for 3 months that i had been with for 13 years. I am still madly inlove with my wife and she left with my daughter cause she apoears to be having a mid life crisis. While i still try and try she is resistant to me and says she is not in love with me anymore. But she never made an attempt to fix our marriage to begin with. Instead hangs out with yunger unattached people.

    1. This must be so painful for you. Without knowing more deeply what’s going on, I can only give you general advice. Specific advice would be more appropriate in a private counseling session. In general, we know that we can never change another person, all we can do is change ourselves. My general advice is to reflect on what your wife’s complaints about you are, or your own complaints or fears are about yourself. Journal about them and see what rings true for you. Then work on growing yourself, your soul, your spirit, and finding some new focus for your life. Not for her – she may or may never come back. Do it for yourself. Others will treat us the way we treat ourselves, and the way we’ve trained them to treat us.

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