Meditation Literally Rebuilds The Brain’s Gray Matter In 8 Weeks

I was so thrilled to see this latest study from Harvard University, and I knew you’d be interested in hearing about THIS! The study measured the brain before, during, and after meditation with MRI scans and came to this astonishing conclusion:

27 minutes of meditation daily for 8 weeks significantly changes the structure of your brain!

There were increases measured in the areas associated with attention and emotional integration. And emotional integration is exactly what you’re looking for to DISSOLVE your Shadow aspects.

There were increases measured in the areas of the brain associated with self-awareness and compassion – again, exactly what you need to keep the Shadow from running your life.

There were decreases measured in the brain’s amygdala – where your fight-or-flight response is centered, where much of your anxiety and stress comes from. The amygdala is where your personality construct LIVES with all its defense mechanisms and coping styles. Wouldn’t you LOVE a decrease in this part of the brain?!

So did you start meditating and then stop? Or maybe you never got the hang of it? Or are you telling yourself that spending time in nature is meditating? Or maybe you do it and love it but just don’t get to it every day to see the real benefits?

Meditation is just one of the fundamental practices that I teach, and is an important part of re-connecting with your Authentic Self. The more you re-connect to this powerful part of your Being, the less the Shadow has a hold on you.

To learn more about the Harvard study, click on this link – scroll down and watch a great talk by David Lynch too!

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