Your Energy is Everything

Last week, I attended the Success Attunement event hosted by Jennifer McLean in Los Angeles. She is an energy healer. I have to admit that I was skeptical when I arrived – in spite of knowing that our thoughts and feelings create what we manifest in our lives. I never could feel that “energy” that energy healers are supposedly installing in us, or using to heal us, so I just couldn’t relate to that kind of talk.

Much to my surprise, Jennifer was teaching pretty much what I teach! She just doesn’t use the same words I use, never mentions the Shadow – but the Truth is the Truth by any other name. We’re all talking about the same process, which is the process by which we heal and stop blocking ourselves from the life we desire. Very simply, we need to feel and release the emotions that are trapped inside of us because we’re afraid of feeling them. Until we do, they block us from having the relationships we yearn to have.

The most important thing about energy, is that it is a large determiner of what we attract in our lives. We need to be vigilant what energy we are putting out into the world. By “energy” we mean what emotional state, what feeling tone, what attitude are we putting out. That is what determines what we get back. Love is a supportive energy – it supports life and the expansion of life. So when in doubt, ask yourself how can you bring more love into this situation? How can I love myself better right now? Or how can I love the person in front of me better right now?

A few words of wisdom I noted from the conference:

When you are playing back the old movie of memories in your mind, if there is a lot of charge on that memory, it feels that you are IN the movie. When you release the charge, the movie might still play in your mind, but it feels more like it’s playing in the distance rather than it being so present and involving.

The ego is a wonderful friend that protects – it’s important to keep us alive! When we’re not in our heart, we rely on our ego and on our mind for protection. When we get back into our heart, its wisdom keeps us safe and on track on our path.

Men in general tend to be better at assessing their energy from moment to moment. Women can stand to get into this habit more – it’s very important for us to recognize and honor our energy. If we’re in the habit of constantly assessing our energy, we find that we will have MORE energy!

Instead of trying to make our life happen, play with the energy of “Wouldn’t it be nice if…?”

When our spirit is going through a contraction, that’s when we’re about to give birth to something BIG! A contraction is what makes a baby be born into the world – we all came here out of a contraction!

Finally – for those of us who can’t really feel the “energy” that healers are throwing around – we might be more “thinking” types rather than “feeling” types. And that’s ok too. For us, it’s important to check in with our bodies and emotions from time to time to see what’s going on and if there’s anything there we need to move through and release, and then just allow the energy to flow. Tears are good – tears are a sign of release, not necessarily sadness. So just be present to anything that is wanting to come up and let it come up. Our awareness is the first step in healing.


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  1. Great thoughts and ideas Nijole,esp..since i just had my right knee replacement,last week and now i am in a Rehab..for a week..Pain aside i am doing fine…catching up on. reading,what i also found is the amount of friends who care..came to visit..having a wonderful time..healing…work in 1.5 months.m

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