Get Grounded, Get a New Life!

Spring is absolutely intoxicating. Here in Southern California, the air is filled with the seductive fragrances of citrus blossoms and jasmines. Trees are blooming in a multitude of colors, and bushes are sprouting those fresh yellow-green leaves signifying new growth.

This week is Spring Break for some, Easter Week for others, the week before Passover for still others. All these Holi-Days derive from our ancient ancestors’ noticing that the earth is lush and fertile right now, bursting forth with new life. Why else celebrate with such symbols of fertility as the bunny rabbit and eggs?!

If you’ve been spending too much time indoors in front of your computer, find a beautiful expanse of blossoming nature and revel in it! There are numerous scientific studies that show how spending time in nature benefits our physical and mental health. Our Vitamin D levels rise, our blood gets more circulation, our muscles strengthen, our immune system gets a boost, our distance vision improves, our stress decreases, our mood elevates, our SELF-ESTEEM even rises! Our CONCENTRATION actually improves! Being in nature even helps us become more caring and stop procrastinating. If you walk on the earth bare-footed, you absorb the earth’s free electrons which have an antioxidant effect. And there are also studies that show more time in nature helps us heal faster and need less pain medication. Wow!

If that’s not enough motivation to go outdoors, consider my thinking about this: Being in touch with the earth helps us to get in touch with our bodies. Most of the time, we’re running around living in our heads, thinking of our concerns, checking things off our To-Do list. Getting in touch with our bodies helps us get in touch with our emotions and our unconscious mind, both of which reside in our body. This in turn helps us access whole-brain thinking which gets us in touch with our Authentic Self. And our Authentic Self helps us get out from behind our personality construct with its Shadow, and into our natural Power of Attraction. And we know where that gets us – into creating the life and love we desire!

All of this from going outside and reveling in luscious, springtime Nature. What a most enjoyable way to strengthen our Love Magnet! No wonder Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote the line, “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” (or a young woman’s…!)

This is the season for Love – get out there, get “grounded”, and make the most of it!

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