Want To Know How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You? Use Fear!

How to make a man fall in love with you by using fear. It works… for the worst.

Want to know how to make a man fall in love with you using the same kind of fear mongering used by big food, big pharma, and women with big insecurity issues? There are lots of ways to manipulate a man go to a baby shower, wash the dishes, send out cute thank you notes, and fear is the answer.  History has proven manipulation is the only way to get what you want.

1. Make him see red.
Make sure you wear the reddest lipstick you can find, so when you give him your look of disapproval, which is as often as possible, it will cause a tug of war with his emotions. Red is the symbol for love, warning and danger. What a perfect balance of sweet and evil. According to Wikipedia, in the middle ages a red flag symbolized no mercy for the enemy. Follow in history’s path so he will never forget how much he loves you and who is really in charge, you.

2. Get to know his mother.
Find the buttons that pushed him over the edge when he was 5. If you can learn the exact phrases mother hen used when he played in the mud and got his Sunday best dirty, even better.

Try out specific phrases until you see tension in his body. Watch for sweating and reddening of his face. When you get him feeling emotional and out of control, you will be on your way to having complete control over his every move.

The best way to make him fall in love with you is to first make him feel unlovable. Say his first, middle and last name with emphasis on every syllable especially when he doesn’t show you appreciation for the macaroni and cheese you prepared for dinner.

3. Always tell him what he is doing wrong.
If he folds the towels the improper way, not the way you were taught, (double-double-fold-fold), then scold him not once, not twice, but three times. Mamma always said three time’s a charm, and it’s true. You didn’t question authority and neither should he.

4. Belittle him in front of his work mates.
Make fun of his new tie, and the fact that he forgets to mow the lawn, or take out the garbage unless you remind him. Remind him that he couldn’t live without you because he would be a total mess. Make sure to team up with his friends so you can tease him when he’s not quite out of earshot.

5. Knock down every one of his ideas.
If he says he likes Indian food, tell him it makes your stomach hurt. If he wants to rent a cabin for the weekend so you can both get away, tell him he hasn’t finished his honey-do list yet, and you are allergic to mosquitoes. Don’t let him have opinions of his own, make sure he has yours.

6. Never look him in the eye and never let him see you sweat.
Keep your emotions locked up and never shed a tear in front of him, ever. Stuff your feelings down as far as you can so he will never see the pain you are really feeling.

If these have been what you have been doing in relationships, you have work to do, and lots of it, because you haven’t learned to let go. You haven’t let go of your past. You haven’t let go of your own fear.

And because of this fear you are clinging to, it really keeps you pushing love away instead of letting it in. These scare tactics might work when it comes to selling cereal and starting wars, but it never works when you are looking for love.

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— Guest post by Dina Colada of DinaColada.com

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