Am I Trying to Get or Am I Here to Give?


Most of my clients come to me saying they want__(Fill in the blank)___ – a life partner, a better relationship with their current partner, to be understood by their family, friends or co-workers. They want more peace, more love, more joy – fill in your own blank!

It is SO very human to look around at our circumstance, see what is missing, and then WANT it and try to GET it. We are oriented this way.

Our Survival Self or Personality Construct has the job of protecting us from danger, so it’s constantly looking for what could be threatening our survival. That’s why it looks for what you don’t have that you need, like food, love, money.
Unfortunately, the Universe doesn’t work that way. The Universe is a reflective system – it’s like a mirror. It reflects back to you what is in your Inner State.

The way the Universe works is that your life begins inside of YOU. You generate an idea, a feeling, a belief, and the Universe responds to the vibration that idea / feeling / belief emanates and brings you something along the path of least resistance that matches that.not-getting-what-you-want-is-often-wanting

So if you’re WANTING love, the Universe will bring you experiences that match your state of WANTING love.

If you’re trying to GET love, the Universe will bring you experiences that match your state of trying to GET love.
How do you turn that around?

By thinking / feeling / believing that you already HAVE love. And it’s TRUE! Love is already inside of you. You are already loved, and hopefully you’re practicing loving yourself very well.

When you connect with the idea / feeling / belief that you already HAVE the love you seek, you will be inspired to GIVE and share this wonderful love that you have. And when you give, the Universe will give back to you.

Because our external threlationships reflect our most primary relationship – the one we have with ourself.

So be good to yourself today! Give yourself love, give everyone you meet love, and before you know it, love will be returned to you MULTIPLIED!

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