See How Our Minds Are?

This video is from an engineer named Destin who has the website It is a very clear example of how difficult it is for the brain to re-learn a slightly different programming about riding a bicycle!

It is such a great example of how our mind works. We literally program our mind with our behaviors, emotional reactions, responses to life (or it gets programmed by our environment), and it simply plays back our program very obediently. And it’s quite a process to change the program!

To make the point, here is a poem written by Margaret E. White:


I ask no questions.

I accept whatever you give me.

I do whatever I am told to do.

I do not presume to change anything you think, say or do; I file it all away in perfect order, quickly and efficiently, and then I return it to you exactly as you gave it to me.

Sometimes you call me your memory.

I am the reservoir into which you toss anything your heart and mind chooses to deposit there.

I work night and day; I never rest, and nothing can impede my activity.

The thoughts you send to me are categorized and filed, and my filing system never fails.

I am truly your servant who does your bidding without hesitation or criticism.

I cooperate when you tell me that you are “this” or “that” and I play it back as you give it. I am most agreeable.

Since I do not think, argue, judge, analyze, question, or make decisions, I accept impressions easily.

I am going to ask you to sort out what you send me, however; my files are getting a  little cluttered and confused. I mean, please discard those things that you do not want returned to you.

What is my name? Oh, I thought you knew!

I am your subconscious mind.

— Margaret E. White

2 thoughts on “See How Our Minds Are?”

  1. Thanks Nijole,
    These short incentive, insightful videos & talks from your wisdom gleaned with others who are doing a heartful healing website.
    I am grateful for the various coaches you have lined up, offering the highest good for those who wander through life’s vicissitudes. With counseling, meditation mindfulness, and other skills. I find your quick-to the-point wise shadow revealing talks the most insightful.
    Thanks for the previous coaching.
    It’s amazing work!


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