Shadow FAQs

The above video answers many of the questions you sent in about the Shadow in general, and about my premiere “Heal the Shadow in Your Relationships” 4-part home study course.

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Below are the questions answered in the above video:

• What does “Healing the shadow in your relationship” exactly mean?

• Can it help to find and keep long lasting romantic partnership?

• How can I use my emotional intelligence to heal the shadow in my own relationship?

• How do I recognize my shadows clearly? How do I manage them positively? And how can I learn to identify them, how they are showing up and sabotaging my life?

• Is it possible to heal your shadow without going through a lot of pain and spending endless years of healing? Without regressing into the past? Without enormous emotional input or upheaval?

• What if you believe you have healed all of your past and nothing is still happening in your life with relationships?

• Why are things still repeating, the same type of men showing up and I have not learned my lesson yet?! I am very quick with everything and this has been good in business many times, but with men it seems to be in a different time zone!

• How do you know when your shadow has been cleared? How will you have proof?

• When will this be DONE?

• Do you believe there is something spiritual blocking your path that more spirituality can cure?

• How to do meditative work to release the shadow?

• I have not thought about my relationships in terms of the shadow. Probably shadow issues for me are sexual power and beauty … that these things are often seen as not ok for spiritual women.

• What is support? What would it look like for me? Never been supported – learning to receive, especially receive help.

• Tried fixing problems on my own and got worse.

• Why other programs don’t work.

• I have an uncooperative partner.

• Cost effectiveness, funds for how long? Not enough time, inconsistent schedule, audios are too long.

• I need a good system of accountability.

• I want to develop Attraction, Confidence, and Self-Belief.

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A 5th module has just been added to the course, answering the rest of the questions you sent in, besides the ones above! Those questions will go deeper into the techniques taught in the course.

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  1. Hi,please could you clarify if I have understood it right.that the process requires us to see our shadow(blind spots).once we see them we need to fully release the emotions attached to these shadow beliefs.and then we are ready to create from a our higher or divine self.

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