History of Ideas: Love

Are you familiar with these YouTube videos posted by the School of Life? I watched some of the videos they created about my favorite philosophers, which really gave succinct explanations of some pretty heady concepts! I think they do a great job of tackling some intense subjects. Then I noticed they have a video about the History of LOVE! Well, I just HAD to watch THAT, right?!

Did you even know that Love has a History?! We often take for granted that our rituals of bonding and mating have stayed fairly consistent over the ages, but that is not the case, as this video shows.

I thought it would be worthwhile for you to get an overview of some of the historical mating practices we humans have engaged in, and the filmmakers make an excellent point of showing how our modern notions of love, and reasons for mating, are relatively new on the historical timeline.

No wonder we’re so confused about how this all is supposed to work! We’re still very early in the evolution of Love as a form of self-expression, which originated in the 1960’s. (Dang – those 1960’s sure ushered in a LOT of cultural changes that we’re still exploring, didn’t they?!)

So grab some non-GMO popcorn, set aside about 15 minutes, and see if this video doesn’t give you some much-needed perspective on the topic of LOVE and mating.

Then leave your comments below – I’d love to hear what thoughts this video evoked from within you about your relationships!

4 thoughts on “History of Ideas: Love”

  1. I’ve read about these historical practices. I believe some of them might be still valid nowadays … mistresses, polygamy.
    What resonated with me was that “marriage should be a consequence of love”. To me marriage is a fidelity.

    1. Thanks for watching and voicing your truth! What you hold in your heart with faith and feeling will manifest if you stay steady with your focus.

      1. The video touches on the collectiveness we carry within us from the past. With that we get to use our intuition and gifts to make our own agreements in a relationship. I am a very loyal person and so being all in with one person is for me. With that said sometimes the one person has to continue to shift with you so your souls connect.

        1. It’s a very good point you make – that we all carry the collective consciousness about love within us. All the more reason to be as conscious, awake, and aware as we can be of the Shadow that may be blocking our Good. And having been with my husband for 20 years, married for 18, we can totally attest to the need for continued shifting to stay connected! ;->

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