Connection Between Lack of Love & Lack of Money

It is unfortunately the nature of marketing that it focuses on what we are lacking in our lives. If marketers wouldn’t cause you to focus on what you lack, they would not be able to get you interested in their products.

I’ve noticed this in my own business. When I sent out the email titled “Help! I’ve Lost My Soulmate!” I had a RECORD amount of people opening and clicking. When I sent out the email titled “Manifest the Love You Desire” I got about HALF the amount of people opening and clicking.

All of this focusing on what we LACK is the unfortunate environment we are living in. It is prevalent in the media everywhere. And there is an important reason for this.

As I am always teaching – we have a Survival Self and we have an Authentic Self. Our Survival Brain is programmed to always keep a lookout for what’s wrong, where is the danger, what do we NEED? The marketers and advertisers are appealing to this brain!

This environment of focusing on what we lack causes us to constantly look OUTSIDE ourselves for what we need. So if we feel we are lacking love, we long for a partner who will bring it to us. If we feel we are lacking money, we long for the better job, higher pay, or the lottery winnings!

Here is the connection between lack of love and lack of money: it’s our orientation to LACK in general that causes the lack of these and possibly more in our lives.

Unfortunately, this puts us into a LOSING GAME, because the Truth is that what we need is never outside of ourselves – everything we experience in our lives is generated by our emotional vibration (energy) and beliefs about reality.

This is where the Shadow work comes in – if we can see our own blind spots for what they are, we can release them and the feelings that are holding them in place. Our Shadow is part of our Survival Self, and our Survival Self is too limited to bring us the thing we wish we had in our lives.

Our Survival Self is important – it helps us navigate a potentially dangerous world and we wouldn’t want to get rid of it. We just want to be aware of when IT is in charge, listen to what it is telling us, and release its power over us.

That is how we can engage our Authentic Self, our whole brain thinking which brings us the solutions we seek. Once we can release the focus on Lack, recognize our Shadow, embrace it and listen to it, and release the beliefs and feelings associated with our fear of lack, we can shift from the Survival Brain to the part of the brain that gives us inspirations on what we ought to do next.

Listening to our Inner Guidance / intuition, and taking INSPIRED action, is what guides our steps to attaining the Love and Money we desire.

Make sense? Let me know by commenting below or on my Facebook page! Sending you love & blessings!

3 thoughts on “Connection Between Lack of Love & Lack of Money”

  1. Yes Nijole, today’s society thrives on reality tv & what if’s. My family of origin’s primary focus would have made a great doomsday documentary. My darling nephew’s first words were “Oh no!”.

    The fixed mindset of judgement creeps in like a virus & infiltrates the experience of life in a crippling way.

    It is so good to know that anyone can choose again, even me. Thank you Nijole, for being such a bright light in this tricky area of truth vs illusion. Keeping up appearances takes up precious life force & the more I release the judgement of “what is” the lighter I feel.

    1. Well put, Iris! Judgment is what our Survival brain does, and it IS a critical function – we need discernment – however, it will not bring us our higher-order desires, like Love! Glad to hear you’re feeling lighter!

  2. I was listening to an eminent source, who said that the nature of the brain/mind is so that, negative information fires for a longer period of time, which causes us to engage in it longer. Positive information doesn’t stimulate the brain for very long, which causes us to look for other stimuli to excite it. I am not one to be called a consumer. I am very aware of the media and big business. Maybe because I majored in marketing and advertising at University. I do not blame anything outside of myself. I take 100% responsibility for my life. Since doing that, many years ago, my life has been wonderful. Now with the support of Nijole, I am in the process of manifesting my Soulmate. Love to you all.

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