Barbara De Angelis’ Choice For Love

Part of my many duties as an Agape licensed Spiritual Practitioner is that I get to hold meditative vigil during Sunday service at least once a month.

As a result, I not only get to hear Rev. Michael Beckwith’s amazing message but I sometimes get to meet and commune with some outstanding guest speakers!

This past Sunday, bestselling author Barbara De Angelis spoke on her topic “Making the Choice for Love, Now More Than Ever.” And what a greatly inspiring talk it was too!

Barbara made the point that Love is a CHOICE. It’s not something someone gives to us – love is ours and we either turn it on inside ourselves or we turn it off. And she especially had the following message for single people:

Being around some people makes us feel like turning our love “on” and then we feel like we’re “in love”. Barbara makes the point that we are all ALWAYS “in love”, and encourages us to make that choice in more moments throughout our life, not just with certain special people or experiences.

This message came to me through Barbara’s 1991 book “How to Make Love All the Time”. In fact, I read most of the books Barbara had written in the early 1990’s, which very much helped me to finally attract my soulmate in 1995!

I remember after my wedding in 1997, a girlfriend who was not having luck in relationships asked me for some tips. I showed her all my relationship books. She “borrowed” all my Barbara De Angelis books (I never got them back, but she told me I didn’t need them! LOL!) and in a couple of years she landed her soulmate, whom she is still with, and they have a teen-aged son together.

Barbara’s latest book (available here) is called “The Choice for Love” and I highly recommend it, as well as all her books! Her wisdom is timeless and her message is as important today as it was when I first discovered her.

AND — drumroll please! — Dr. Barbara has some special free gifts for YOU! Download Chapter One of her new book, and an audio of her recent book launch webinar, at Barbara’s website here.

Let me know what you thought of her talk by leaving a comment below or on my Facebook page here. Sending you much love!

4 thoughts on “Barbara De Angelis’ Choice For Love”

  1. What she says in this talk is true, but somehow it didn’t affect me very much except for the part about the little girl who was crying because all the harshness of the world and The fact that there was nothing she could do about it for a long time to come. I feel that I have been in the position Barbara was in, not that the girl was in. It brought tears to my eyes.

    I would like to say also that I once asked a psychic about my purpose in the world and how to find that out what God wants me to do. He said “God has given you free will and you are failing to recognize that. You are assuming that God has sent you into the world with an assignment. What God wants you to do is to love (And there are many different ways to do that. – or words to that effect).”

    Terron Dodd

    1. Well, there you go – what God wants us all to do is to love. And Barbara was reminding us to be constantly asking ourselves “How can I bring more love to this situation?” It’s a great practice for everything we do.

  2. Thank you dear for this beautiful post and recommendation. It was an honor to meet you and I was so grateful that you shared your story with me! Many blessings always and thank you for the great work you do spreading love in the world.
    Dr. Barbara

    1. Thank YOU, Dr. Barbara – you are such an inspiration! And I love your very feminine and spiritual approach to LOVE – it’s all love and we get to choose it in every moment. Here’s to everyone remembering to make the most loving choice!

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