Would You Like to Get Married?

I  recently had the joyous opportunity to be the officiant for the wedding of a truly soulmate couple, Elizabeth and Terry.

The venue was gorgeous in downtown Chicago, the food was par excellence, the music was sublime, the people looked dapper, and everyone was loving, kind, and in a great mood. The atmosphere of love filled the air!

The thing that was unique is that this couple is in their late 50’s and Elizabeth is a first-time bride.

I am always telling my clients you are never too old, and it’s never too late to find love. But it does take clearing away everything within you that is unlike love – clearing away what your Shadow would have you hold onto.

I asked the bride and groom to write a sentence or two for YOU about their inner journey – what it took to bring them ultimately to meet and find their soulmate – and being the gracious loving people they are, they agreed.

Elizabeth wrote:

“I went through a process of many layers of discovering myself, my history, my responses to life experiences over many years. That process is ongoing, and will always be I believe. I had to reach a level of clarity and peace around all of that, a level of clarity and peace about myself, and clarity and peace about the qualities and characteristics of the best match for me. And I felt that it would go both ways—the best for me would also be for my partner.

I wanted a feeling of peace and contentment in my relationship, and to offer the same to my partner. I recognize that is not always the case for other people, but was for me. Maybe one reason why it took so many years, but it was the path for me.” 

Elizabeth came to a certain acceptance of who she was through many layers, many years of delving. She explained to me that she was so continually confounded by certain emotional struggles, fighting against things she couldn’t even see (Shadow material). Once she had clarity and comprehension, she could come to acceptance and integration.

Terry wrote:

“My inner journey was one of recognition, retreat, recovery and finally renewal. It took years to work through, and there was no master plan. In fact, I can only see the logical progression and necessity of each phase now that I look back. And thankfully,  I can finally look back now that I am in a marriage where there is complete love, trust and acceptance, where I always feel completely safe and have a deep inner peace.”

Terry admits that he doesn’t enjoy looking inward, so sharing that statement with us took a lot of courage! (Thanks, Terry!) He describes the typical journey of facing your Shadow: recognition, retreat, recovery, and finally renewal or integration.

So  if you have been looking for love for a very long time, there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel! You too can attract your perfect soulmate, however long it may take.

But it does take courage to look at yourself and all your layers, awareness, healing, acceptance, and integration. It takes dodging the crafty ploys of the Shadow that wants to keep you in your comfort zone in the name of safety.

Working with a caring, understanding guide can help you shorten the length of time this can take. If you’d like someone to help you on your journey to soulmate love, why not schedule a free consultation with me to see if we’re a match for working together.

You never know how soon you could be walking down the aisle with your soulmate — and have me be your minister! 😉

Please leave a comment below to let me know how Elizabeth and Terry’s statements touched your heart. Or you can leave a comment on my Facebook page here.

Sending you many blessings for rich, soulmate love!

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