A Great and Imperfect Love

I just returned from Mexico City, where my husband and I were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. One of the things we did there was visit the Frida Kahlo Museum.

Apart from the interesting art objects, beautiful paintings, and the amazing house itself, the thing that struck me about these two world-class artists was their close connection to each other. I believe there was a truly deep love for each other that only comes from under-standing each other’s artistic soul.

Whatever you believe of their religious and political inclinations, let us look at these two from their pure humanity, and from the perspective of their romantic relationship.

They were married for 10 years, then divorced for a year, and then they remarried again for the final 14 years of Frida’s life. The volatilities and infidelities of their relationship are well-known and publicized.

It was not a PERFECT relationship, but it was a GREAT love.

When I hear my clients complain about the things they don’t like in the people they may be dating – big nose, too short, bad taste, not enough money or position, etc., it seems quite trivial in the face of the challenges Frida and Diego had with each other.

Diego had to deal with Frida’s constant physical pain, endless operations and doctor visits, and mounting hospital bills. Frida knew of Diego’s philandering before she accepted his proposal of marriage. And she of course was bisexual and did some philandering of her own.

You might say infidelity is a deal-breaker, and I would certainly agree with you. And yet Frida is known to have said that she could not have loved Diego for what he is NOT. This is such a complete and utter acceptance of a person for who they are, and THAT is true love.

In later years, Diego had to compromise his artistic integrity by producing a lot of “popular” paintings to stave off Frida’s medical bills – and we know what a stickler he was for representing his art in the way that he believed. THAT kind of sacrifice is true love.

So what brings two people to the point that they want to be with each other no matter how insurmountable the external conditions may seem?

I believe it is leading with your heart and your soul, rather than leading with your mind or mentality.

Too many of us are programmed through the media and our “instant gratification” society that we need to have a “perfect” relationship or else we have “settled”. Heaven forbid that we feel like we’ve “settled”! That is a judgment hanging on our heads for the rest of our life!

And yet, if we have been alone for YEARS, haven’t we “settled” for a single life out of fear of being in an imperfect relationship?

Please be clear that I am not advocating choosing a partner that is pathologically unfaithful or has insurmountable debt or iretractable illness – unless of course you are in love with WHO they are at their core.

My point here is to simply look at how much we are operating in our relationships through our FEAR, and how much we are operating with our HEART. Fear will always steer you wrong.

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Wishing you BIG LOVE!

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