How Gratitude Makes Your Dreams Come True

How are you going to spend your Thanksgiving holiday? Besides warm times with family, food, and friends, I hope you include the practice of Gratitude – it’s a great reminder this time of year to incorporate this powerful practice for making your dreams of True Love come true.

Last year on my blog, I gave you some challenges to add to your Gratitude practice. This year I want to share with you a different way to practice Gratitude that will speak more directly to your unconscious mind.

As I often say, our unconscious mind IS our body. Dr. Sue Morter says the body’s feelings are our soul’s language – it is the way our soul communicates with our conscious mind to call us home.

I came across this powerful exercise in the writings of coach Andy Shaw. He says to remember a memory in your life that was a “# 10” on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most blissful, amazing, awe-inpiring experience you ever had.

So let’s do this right now – close your eyes, take a deep breath releasing everything that came before this moment – and recall one of the greatest experiences of your life. … Got it? Recall every detail – who was there, what were the sounds, the smells, the tastes, the sights, the feelings… see if you can re-capture the experience.

Now, REALLY savor it …  and feel how it makes you feel in your body. Feel the sensations – maybe you feel warmth or a tingling in your body, maybe the memory is making you smile… Whatever you notice in your body, I bet it just lifted your vibration a few notches recalling this wonderful memory, yes?

Next, amp it up! Feel your appreciation for this experience even more, remember it more vividly with the colors becoming brighter, the sounds and objects or people being closer, making it very VERY real as you re-experience this #10 memory…

Stay with the feelings of joy or appreciation or bliss as long as you like. If lesser feelings try to come in – like regret that you’re not there anymore, or judgment, or anything else, thank them for their appearance and let them pass, re-focusing on the purely enjoyable aspects of this memory.

You can stay in this feeling as long as you like. And when you’re ready, return to your room and open your eyes. Notice how you feel in your body now, and how it is different from how you felt before you began this exercise.

This is a great way to send a message to your unconscious mind that you would like more experiences like this, please!

It’s great to make this a regular practice – try spending just 15 seconds every hour recalling a wonderful #10 experience you had in your life. You can make a list of your #10 experiences and choose a different one to recall throughout the day.

This is another way of practicing gratitude for the blessings you’ve had in your life – somatically! That means focusing on the feeling of gratitude physically  in your body. It’s a more direct connection to your unconscious mind than through thinking about a memory or talking about it.

If you truly practice this as regularly as you can, you will begin to see your life shift as your unconscious mind gets the message of what you love, and seeks to bring you more of the same.

The reason this exercise deals with a memory you’ve already had, rather than with visualizing something you desire for the future but have not yet experienced, is simply because it is a LOT more believable. You’ve already had the experience, so your unconscious mind knows it’s possible to have more of the same or similar. No need to struggle with trying to believe that something will come true in the future.

So try this on a regular basis and then share your results in the comments below or on my Facebook page here.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday and may gratitude for your life make your dreams come true!

4 thoughts on “How Gratitude Makes Your Dreams Come True”

  1. I remember looking out the window from my hospital bed seeing different Color green trees, patterns in the clouds and ray of sunshine behind. Great exercise to go back and relive it and know that cancer didn’t take me out, and my life is full of possibilities. Thanks, great exercise.

    1. What a beautiful memory! I recommend re-living these amazing experiences as often as you can. If you can do it for a few seconds each hour, you will start to see some incredible miracles start manifesting in your life after a few days of this. Try it and let me know!

    1. I am VERY sorry to hear that. And — it sounds like your Shadow does not want you to see anything that could have been even the slightest bit good, wanting to keep you powerless and in victim stance. We need to have compassion for our Shadow because it is just doing what it thinks will keep you safe. With emotional processing work, you can turn it around if you desire.

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