The Key to Making Love Come True

This weekend at Agape, I had the privilege to see Gregg Braden talk about the powerful beings we each truly are – and he presented the science that proves it!

If you do not know Gregg’s work, he is a five-time New York Times┬ábest-selling author, and is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and human potential.

Although Gregg spoke to us of many of the scientific theories that have come to be proven false over the years – which is why it’s important to re-think everything we believe we KNOW – the most intriguing part of his talk that I want to share with you has to do with the human HEART.

You know the heart very well, right? It’s where you feel love, it’s where you feel broken-hearted after yet another conflict with your partner, or another failed relationship. We think of it as our feeling center. And science shows us why.

According to the findings of neurocardiology, the heart contains more neurons than muscle cells – it is actually made up of 60-65% neuron cells. It generates a strong electromagnetic field, and stores information in that field that affects all the organs and cells in our body.

So it is a powerful brain-like organ itself! No wonder ancient peoples thought that our brain lies in our heart region.

Because of the scientific materialism we were taught in the last century, we have come to identify with the brain as our source of intelligence and view the heart strictly as a pump to circulate blood. Not so!

This view has caused us to disconnect from our spiritual power – and we all know the greatest power in the Universe is the power of Love.

And if you are seeking to create more love in your life, the most powerful practice you can do is to connect with the love within you first.

Gregg goes on to suggest that when we consciously connect our brain to our heart, we are more powerful beings, able to create our lives from that state we feel as “wholeness”.

So how do we do this?

Gregg led us through an exercise I’d like to share with you now. There are basically 3 steps to connect to your greater power.

1. Place your awareness on your heart area and center yourself in your heart. See if you can “drop” into your heart. It could help you to place your hand on your heart, or touch it lightly with your fingertips.

2. Take some s-l-o-w breaths – perhaps 5 seconds on the inhale and 5 seconds on the exhale. This helps to slow down your thinking, and bring your brain activity into coherence with your heart’s rhythm.

3. While maintaining the above, begin to feel gratitude or appreciation for something in life – it could be anything that you can feel grateful for or appreciative of. It can also be the feeling of caring – think of something you really care for – possibly a child or a pet. Stay in this state until you get a GOOD sense of it. Memorize it so you can recall it any time you like.

Do you use affirmations? I sometimes give affirmations to my clients to practice, and my clients all know that I always say affirmations will not work if you are not feeling them to be true.

Well, Gregg Braden said that saying your affirmations from this state of brain-heart coherence gives them tremendous power. I have found in my own prayer and affirmation practice, that speaking from my heart is positively miraculous. So give it a try and see if your dreams of love from THIS state of coherence then come true!

In Gregg’s new book “Human By Design”, he reveals science-based techniques that awaken our uniquely human experiences of deep intuition, precognition, advanced states of self-healing, and much more. For more info on his latest book, click here.

Also, leave a comment below or on my Facebook post here to let me know how the state of brain-heart coherence felt for you. And then come back to share what dreams of love came true for you when you practiced this regularly!

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  1. I really enjoy reading this post and it must be the third or fourth time I am doing so. I enjoy doing this practice and saying my positive affirmations from this state of being.

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