The Vital Key to Your Relationships Through the Chakras

In the future, we will all be able to manifest the relationships of our dreams – and anything in our life – by developing a greater command of our energy.

So what if I told you the future is here now?! And that you can do this now! And it isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.

Recently I’ve been studying the work of author and therapist Anodea Judith. She has been teaching and speaking for over 30 years on the Chakra energy system, and has recently released her latest book called “Charge and the Energy Body: The Vital Key to Healing Your Life, Your Chakras, and Your Relationships.”

Anodea uses the word “Charge” to mean our Life Force. In yoga, it is referred to as Prana, in Chinese medicine it is Chi or Qi, in psychology it is the Libido, in Star Wars it is The Force, and in spirituality it is our Essence. Anodea teaches us that Charge is golden – it is something very precious, so it’s vital for us to learn to manage Charge properly.

Each of us has an individual Charge that is literally “charged” with our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and installed programs. This is where it becomes tricky because we have to learn not only how to manage our own Charge, but also the Charge of others, especially those we have intimate relationships with.

The Charge itself – Life Force – is neutral, but it becomes positive or negative depending on our use of it. For example, if we have a thought that angers us, our charge gets amplified. We could use that anger positively by setting a boundary or speaking up about something. Or we could use the anger negatively by raging or hurting someone with it.

Each of us has experienced getting triggered in relationship. When we get triggered, we’re literally getting charged up, or overamped about something. And we tend to choose one of two ways to deal with it: either suppress the energy / block the emotion / don’t let it out, or discharge / express the emotion / get rid of it. These are the ways society teaches us to deal with excess Charge.

There is a third and better way that Anodea teaches, and that is to HARVEST the Charge. If we allow the energy to flow through us freely, without suppressing / repressing it or discharging / squandering it, we can harvest the energy into our tissues which gives us greater aliveness / energy. And what we’re talking about here is the Charge flowing freely through each of our chakras.

Anodea says the chakras can be thought of as the organs of the energy system – much as the heart is the organ of the circulatory system or the lungs are the organs of the respiratory system. Each chakra handles Charge in a different way and has a different purpose.

The trouble with allowing our Charge to flow freely through our chakras, is that our Unconscious Mind installed constrictions in our energy system at an early age (the Shadow!). So when this Life Force Energy gets over-amped, and needs to flow through a larger channel, it bumps against a block in one or more of our chakras, and so the Charge gets constricted, causing us discomfort.

What most of us do when we feel this discomfort or emotional pain is we start focusing on the “story” around that discomfort – this person did that to me, this situation happened to me, or whatever the story may be. Our conscious mind is trying to make sense of it, but this is not where the healing will occur.

Instead of telling the story, start tracking the Charge in your body and seeing where you’re blocking it. Let’s say you feel a constriction in your throat – you may notice that your throat muscles are constricting, perhaps even your neck and shoulders. When you become conscious of where the physical constriction lies, you can start to loosen those muscles – roll your head around, roll your shoulders, open your throat, let out some deep exhales of energy and allow that energy to FLOW through you.

Once the Charge is harvested in this way, you can return to your situation or the person you’re dealing with, and have a conversation about what you need that does not carry the Charge of your entire childhood with it. And you will be more clear, energized, and grounded when doing so.

With regards to relationships specifically, Anodea says that when someone tells her they’ve met the perfect person of their dreams, she believes they have met the perfect person who is going to bring up a lot of Charge in them so they can harvest it! She says if your partner is triggering you, instead of blaming them you should be thanking them for bringing up this precious golden Life Force to harvest more of within yourself.

I have BARELY scratched the surface of all the tremendous wisdom Anodea has to share with us about managing our energy, our chakras, and our relationships – there is SO much more! I didn’t even mention how to deal with chakras that are deficient in Charge / Life Force, for example. But you have the opportunity to hear Anodea talk about it herself before Nov. 6, 2018:

If you missed the free webinar with Anodea Judith on Oct. 20, 2018, you can still register here to receive a link to the replay, and also to her Q&A session taking place Oct. 31, 2018. Or if you miss all these dates, you can still purchase her book here.

Let me know what you think of Anodea’s concept of Charge and managing your Energy in relationships, by leaving a comment for my community below, or on my Facebook page here. Blessings!

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