FAQ re: Six Steps Home Study Course

The following are answers to questions you have asked me about my home-study coaching program called Six Steps to Healing Your Shadow and Creating the Love You Desire:

  1. The program sounds really good, but will it help me find my Life Partner?
    It will, and here is the reason why: if you have sincerely been putting yourself out there and taking the right actions to attract your Life Partner but you’re still not getting good results, it is most likely something in your unconscious mind that is creating a block so Love can’t show up for you. This program helps you find what’s blocking you so you can release it once and for all, and shift your energy so you start attracting what you really want rather than what you’re programmed to get.
    And if you’re NOT putting yourself out there and taking the right actions to attract your Life Partner, this program will uncover your blocks to doing so!
    Whether or not at the end of this 6-module program you actually attract your Life Partner depends on how committed you are, how open and aware you are, and how much you are really investing yourself into applying the principles that you learn. I DO guarantee that these principles work and you will experience a LOT of transformation in ALL your relationships when you APPLY them and do the daily practices.
  2. My husband has completely withdrawn from me and it really hurts – I’m afraid my marriage is beyond saving. I can understand that I need to work on myself, but can this program help me rekindle my marriage, even though my husband won’t be doing any work on himself at all?
    Yes, you will see a shift in your marriage, because relationships are a dynamic. When you shift your energy, he will be forced to shift his, because the old energy will no longer be engaging him in the same old way. I have seen this happen in couples – as soon as one of the people shifts, it changes the entire dynamic between them. If the two of you are truly a great, compatible match that has simply fallen into some unhealthy relationship habits which have squeezed off the Love, you will make it through this and find your way back to the Love you had when you first met.
  3. Why should I care about healing my Shadow?
    If you leave your Shadow unexamined, it creates blocks and struggles in your life. Examining the contents of your Shadow helps you bring what’s blocking you to the awareness of your conscious mind, where it can be finally released and integrated back into your whole being. You end up having more personal power and a greater capacity to create your life and relationships according to what you prefer, rather than being at the mercy of what’s controlling you from your Shadow.
  4. I’ve been working on myself a long time and I’m very aware of what’s in my Shadow, what’s blocking me. The trouble is, how do I release it?
    If you’ve done traditional therapy, chances are you were working on the cognitive level and not releasing the emotions that are stored in your nervous system in your body. The release work we do in this course goes beyond talking about your blocks and understanding them, and gets deeper to uproot the very source of the energy. Likewise, if you’ve done energy work or body work or EFT, sometimes the results are just temporary, and soon you feel blocked and the same feelings come up again.
    Studies have shown that it is the combination of aligning your conscious mind with your unconscious mind that will bring the results you’re looking for – the unconscious mind being your body and your emotions. In order for true healing to take place, your conscious mind needs to be aware of what the unconscious mind is releasing – it’s the combination of both that is most powerful.
  5. Will it feel uncomfortable? Do I have to go through all sorts of painful emotions? I feel like I’ve already cried enough about my past.
    If you’ve done a lot of crying and the emotions are not being released, you may be crying from the point of view of your Survival Self which wants to stay attached to your victim story. True release happens on the level of your Higher Self or Authentic Self, which brings conscious awareness, nonjudgment, and compassion to the feelings you are feeling. You do have to allow yourself to feel your feelings, embrace them, and listen to them, but it is far less painful when you’re doing it consciously with the intention to release them, rather than feeling your pain while attached to your victim story.
    Each emotion that comes up has a message for you – once you get the message and assimilate the lesson, you are done releasing that particular emotion about that particular event. If you are still crying about it, you haven’t gotten the message yet.
  6. I never signed up for your VIP program because six months seems like a long time – can I complete this home-study course in a week or two? How quickly will I see my life change?
    You most certainly can complete the course in a week if you like, but it would not bring you the lasting change that you are seeking. Your conscious mind will get all the information, so your ego defenses can tell you “I know this already” upon completion of watching the videos. As a result, your ego will be unmotivated to allow you to do any further work – with good reason!
    Your ego’s job is to keep you safe, which means it doesn’t want you to change because that is risky. So in watching, say, one video a day for 6 days, your ego can feel good about having gotten the “knowledge” and still keep you from changing – because that won’t give you the time to do the daily practices, the deep reflection, and the implementation of these new ideas into your life so you are truly LIVING these principles.
    I highly advise that you space them out to at least one video per week and longer. Make sure you give yourself enough time to actually DO all the assignments and put in place a daily practice to turn that “knowledge” into applied “wisdom”, so you can have more lasting benefits.
    Otherwise, your ego will tell you “Well, that program didn’t work, so what else can I try?” And you will be moving from one program to the next and the next, searching in vain, because your ego really doesn’t want you to find the solution you seek.
  7. My life is very busy. Do I have to devote a lot of time to the assignments?
    You can watch the video in an hour or less, and complete the assignments in about an hour or less as well. You can take the course at your own pace, so if you don’t have a couple of hours one week, you can do the next “Step” the following week.
    Some assignments, like daily meditation, are part of your daily spiritual practice, and I encourage you to put in place at least 30 minutes for daily spiritual practice – it’s a good habit to get into whether you’re part of this course or not.
  8. Are there any discounts available?
    Yes, there is a discount available until Dec. 20th midnight PST, which is 90% off the regular price of my VIP program. I am offering it for as low a price as possible to give you the opportunity to have a serious breakthrough in your love life with a program you can do on your own time and at your own pace instead of my costly VIP group program.
  9. This sounds like just what I need to meet my relationship goals in the New Year. Where can I purchase?
    Are you ready to be a NEW YOU in the NEW YEAR? Purchase my very special home study version of my VIP video program here.

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