Michael Beckwith in Costa Rica

What a treat it’s been to spend the week at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica!

I was here with my mentor Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith along with others from the Agape International Spiritual Center, and beautiful, truly advanced souls from all over the world.

Rev. Michael was teaching his class “The Answer Is You”. In the above video, I highlight a process he gave us for anchoring into our nervous system what we want to create in our lives.

Because we are vibrational beings, it’s most important to LIFT our vibration to the frequency of creation in order to create what we want to see in our lives. This exercise will do just that!

Try it, and let me know how this process works for you by leaving a comment below on this page, or on my Facebook page here.

Love & Blessings!

8 thoughts on “Michael Beckwith in Costa Rica”

  1. Loved this. Thanks for sharing your experience. It led me to think of people I admire in their career and relationships…people with a lot of positive energy who spread so much love and good to all around them…and I am smiling for them and feeling good inside as I write.

  2. Hi Nijjole. Thanks for sharing your experience in sunny Costa Rica with those of us who are stuck in the snow up here. I liked Rev. B’s process. I did get in touch with the feeling of the person I had chosen. I chose Arielle Ford because she seems to have a really happy marriage as well as a very successful career. I did “find” that energy within me, although it had been hiding for a while. I’ll continue to do it.

    (Luv Rev. M’s shirt and his new look.)

  3. That was beautiful! I thought of a couple I admire, immediately, and spent time with those of you in the video, celebrating my joy for them. It sent positive energy all through me, that I can feel even now as I write. 🙂 Thank you for adventuring and experiencing, and thank you for sharing!

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