Journey of Love with John Gray

I just got back from giving counseling sessions on board a beautiful Valentine’s Caribbean cruise, “Journey of Love”, hosted by Beyond Words publishing (they published Rev. Michael’s books, Rhonda Byrne, Dr. Emoto, and many more).

What a wonderful opportunity to bond in an intimate group with some of my favorite spiritual teachers, including John Gray and Dr. Sue Morter. Not to mention the bright lights who were our attendees! I made some great relationships and many new friends.

Best of all, my soulmate and husband Fritz was with me for this Valentine’s Cruise! He shot video of all the keynote talks, including the video above.

I was thrilled to get John Gray to offer some special words for my community – YOU! He had a strong message, so have a listen, and let me know how it landed for you by leaving a comment on this page below. You can also leave a comment on my Facebook page here.

If you want to join us for next year’s cruise, sign up here!

Sending you much Love and Light!

(P.S. John Gray is now a huge fan of my singing! blush… )

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