Top Love Tips from 7 Top Love Coaches

February is Love Month, and on Feb. 24, 2017, Dating and Relationship Coach Jason Silver hosted a Love Coach Conference in Santa Monica, California.

Afterwards we all gathered at this reception, and I took the opportunity to ask some prominent Love Coaches for their best love tips that I could share with you – my peeps!

What a great opportunity it was to have some of the top Love Coaches all in the same place – I interviewed Kathryn Alice, Carol Allen, Larry Michael, Kimberly Seltzer, Vish Iyer, Renee Piane, and Lauren Frances, who were kind enough to give me some of their time and wisdom on camera.

Watch the above video to hear the top love tips from 7 of the top experts in their field! (And also to find out what Carol Allen and I have in common with our marriages…) I bet you’ll find these tips to be fresh and new, unlike what you’ve heard before. Let me know!

Go ahead and post a comment below – or on my Facebook page here – to let me know which tip was your favorite, which ones you’re already practicing, or what was brand new or a surprise for you. I love staying in touch with what you want to hear from me, and what “page” you’re on with your relationships.

I look forward to hearing from you. Sending you MUCH LOVE!!

4 thoughts on “Top Love Tips from 7 Top Love Coaches”

  1. Your material is so helpful! I am grateful to have your wisdom in my life. You are a jewel and I’m so glad I found you. I’m still grieving the loss of a relationship at 64. So tempting to throw in the towel especially since I love my life and love living alone. But I crave intimacy and connection with a loving man.

    1. No need to throw in the towel! It is the nature of life to support more life and especially love. You may need to go through a grieving period first, and a clearing out of what is standing in your way next. All the experiences of your past have been preparing you for better and better love connection.

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